Friday, 8 March 2013

Sugar Free Update

 I've been sugar free for 10 months now - woo hoo!

After ditching the white stuff, my appetite is a lot more balanced, my skin is looking better, the weight has been easier to move and my moods have also really improved. I'm not saying they have completely gone and I still have some bad days, but they are a lot less extreme and don't last as long.

However, I'm no longer as strict on myself as I was in the first 4 months. After a lot of experimenting I realised I don't like the taste that stevia leaves in my mouth, and rice malt syrup (while wonderful raw), seems to lose its sweetness once cooked. So now I use honey in my baking. I do not feel guilty about this at all, honey is a beautiful natural product that enjoyed in moderation is fine for me and what I'm trying to achieve.

Another sweetener I use all the time is banana! We always seem to have spotty bananas around just waiting to be turned into a gluten free cookie or muffin.

However it's not all plain sailing, I have found it's much harder to get my girls to eat this 'new' type of treat. My eldest girl has a massive sweet tooth so I've replaced sugar with rice malt syrup (which is fructose free) on her yoghurt and weetbix, but she doesn't like the cakes and cookies I make with it. I guess it's just a case of keep trying new things and see what takes.

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Linley xx

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