Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Oops I did it again!

I've taken on a bit this fortnight, so of course I'm having a little freak out. Last week I started an online business course aimed at women, and I am loving it. We received our 2nd week module yesterday but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I launched this personal blog into the 'webosphere', have school homework, after school activities and some rather large life decisions to ponder.

What I was doing today instead of dealing with any of those things was talking to my doctor again about my locked up jaw, insomnia and mountainous shoulders. We discussed that to deal with the rush of info and ideas and issues racing through my brain, I need to make a plan. Yeah, yeah, I know, I thought. But hang on, I don't actually have a plan, I'm just doing the best I can in the minute I'm in, and that doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. Neither does 'going with the flow'. That is just not me. I need to know what I'm doing, how I'll be doing it and when.

Bugger it, I like the idea of being a free spirit, but apparently my conscious does not. It's the rush of creativity and energy, my need to get things DONE and written down and I want it all done now. Then while I'm at it, solve all the other problems and s*^' that has been bubbling along, along the way. Of course that's not possible, so I'll endeavour to calm down, take time and not try to do everything at once.

Once that's all done then maybe I'll make a plan.

Linley xx

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