Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Naturopath Visit

So most of you know that I've been feeling tired lately (I'm the queen of naps) and am petrified of another season of sickness, so I kinda figured it was time to see what vitamins and minerals I should be taking, rather than just guessing and wasting my money on things that may not have been working. I decided to drop into my fav health food store on the weekend and made an appointment with the naturopath who was on call.

The main thrust of the visit was that I wanted to target my immunity and energy levels (and memory but forgot that one 'til the last minute!) She patiently listened to my blathering on and asked lots of questions, as you can see I've come away with quite the stash  -and I get to do this twice a day. I cant 100% remember what each thing is for, but they are:

  • fish oil tablets
  • a super specific probiotic
  • cough and lung tablets
  • a great whack of magnesium
  • a herbal tonic that tastes FOUL. (I sure hope that works.)

I've only been taking this for a few days now and I can see slight improvements. Everyone's body absorbs supplements and heals at different rates, it will also depend on how 'bad' things were before, but I'll hopefully have more to report to you in a couple of weeks.

I've dropped my other multi's I was taking and am just relying on Vital Greens now in my smoothies. She also massively recommended Chia - which Ive been using for over 3 years now. (I'll post more on this superfood later).

I'm not gonna lie to you, it isn't a cheap exercise, however I've been paying similar amounts for multivitamins that to be honest I wasn't seeing obvious benefits from. I would not be a wise person to continue on a path that was not working now, would I?

Linley xx


  1. Hi Linley, It's definitely worth sorting out the vitamins that work for you and not just relying on a generic multivitamin. Potassium (through bananas or coconut water) is good for general health and well being (as well as stress or anxiety). Also get your vitamin D levels checked (although I'm sure you get much more sunshine in WA than we get here in Melbourne) as low D levels are linked to so many more health problems. While I have a blog that is almost all sugar (eek) I balance that with Kris Carr's green smoothies/ juices and do her 'Crazy Sexy Detox' regularly. Hope you stay healthy this winter x

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Check out me and my miss in today's post rocking a juice! Love Kris Carr, only have discovered her recently but she is a great read. I haven't napped this week so I feel there has been improvement, time will tell though.
      So great to hear from you, keep well xxx