Friday, 15 March 2013

Miss C's Green Juice

Here she is, Miss C is action.

Today she will be helping me demonstrate the green juice. We blend because, well that's what we've got. You'll need a high powered one for this drink.

Miss C's Green Juice

1 Green apple
1 stick of Celery
1/2 Cucumber
2 handfuls of English Spinach
1tsp Vital Greens
1 cup Coconut water ( I never measure but this sounds about right)
5 ish ice cubes

Chop fruit and vege up a bit. Blend for 35 secs.

Drink, mustache optional.

A few little tips on why we do this:

Green juices contain a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids so are power-packed with nutrition. The chlorophyll in the greens you use benefit us when we consume them as they help oxygenate your bod. This encourages the release of toxins that have built up in the body over time.

Going green also assists in raising your hemoglobin levels, which causes the blood circulation to improve and gives you an energy boost. Some other benefits of drinking green juice include:

·         Increases alkalinity so that the body goes from being acidic to alkaline.
·         The body absorbs the nutrients faster.
·         Promotes weight loss/control
·         Tastes good.

You of course can mix and match your juices. Use lemon, ginger, kale, berries. Whatever tickles your fancy really.

Linley xx

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