Thursday, 21 March 2013

Getting some feel good factor

The weather is finally starting to cool down so I thought to myself, why not have another crack at the vege garden! After a woeful summer effort, it was too hot and the weeds provided to many good hiding spots for the snakes, I feel ready to start again. I am by no means a 'gardener', like my sister and Dad are, but I do manage to get things to live long enough to be eaten occasionally.

So here is the first stage of my garden plan, turning over the soil. You will note the 2 shovels there. Do not be fooled friends, my dear one sat in the shade while I toiled away on this lot, then strolled over and said your using the wrong one, here try this! Gee thanks. 

I also remembered a bit late that you need to wear gloves and not your wedding rings for this kind of work otherwise you get these.

There are so many upsides to gardening though - thought I'd knock 'em out in point form for you - in case you weren't sure....
  • Doing a bit of exercise. Check. 
  • Clearing the mind while working. Check.
  • Growing healthy food for the family. Check.
  • Getting vitamin D from the sun. Check.
I've been reading a bit about vitamin D deficiency lately. Apparently 58% of the Australian population isn't getting enough of it. For us women that is not cool, we need this vitamin for our bone health primarily, but it is also linked to a whole other range of issues as well, like depression, anxiety and type 2 diabetes. Keep in mind there is obviously a fine line between enough sun and too much (causing skin cancer), so there is a supplement option. You should absolutely get tested for this first though if you feel it could relate to you. 

I  believe that like anything, moderation is the key. If you've been stuck in the house or at work for 5 days and missed the sun then you clearly need to get out there and soak up some rays. I try to walk the girls to school every day, which is fine while the weather is good, but what about when we get into the colder months? Gardening is the go for me, what can you do?

Linley xx

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