Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Week 3

I am now into my third week now and having ups and downs with the sugar free life. I feel fantastic, lighter, happier, less bloated and less tired. I cant believe I can still crave sugar, knowing how much better off I am without it, but I do - oh how I do.

I recieved my copy of The Mood Cure yesterday, and promptly read the whole thing. I must admit that a month ago I could safely tick all the 'mood' boxes, and needed all the cures, however I am feeling so much stronger now. I think this is a fantastic book for anyone who needs a mood lift, or is considering medication of any kind. It also reinforces that sugar and gluten have to go.

Speaking of gluten, I will also be cutting this out to help with my thyroid issues, but I actually think that it will be harder letting go of gluten than sugar. So, one thing at a time, or at least a more gradual replacement of gluten, with gluten free pastas and breads.

Sorry for the lack of pics I will get organised I promise!

Linley x

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