Monday, 2 July 2012

Ok, so after being so enthusiastic in my last post I immediately got an infection and have been on antibiotics. Turns out my body isnt as happy about the big diet change as I thought! Thats ok, I expected some setbacks, and Im back to feeling great and full of energy now.

We had a great weekend in Perth, catching up with friends and taking the girls out to breakfast where they declared baby chinos dont cut it anymore - hot chocolate is required! I am a chronic caver in-erer so of course thats what they had. I did make up for it by only providing nuts, carrot and celery sticks to watch Daddy play football. This was a bit torturous for everyone when the other kids were eating chocolates and electric blue slushies...

No new receipes to tell you about, Ive been eating 'normally' without the sugar, oh, I have made the granola with mainly nuts and coconut and really love that in the morning. Eggs everyday for breakfast can get a bit much after awhile.

Linley x

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