Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sorry Ive been away, The dreaded cold descended and stole my powers.....

Anyhoo, I have finally been able to gather all the ingredients to make myself some sweet things, yay! I was at my beautiful nieces birthday party this weekend, and I ate... wait for it... hot dogs with no tomato sauce - committed right? Hell to the yes :)

Since getting home, I have made kale chips - yum, almond butter - sticky and stodgy, but yum - and the piece de resistance, almond bark, from the lovely Sarah Wilson's cookbook. This is the treat Ive been waiting for! My sister assures me the coconut choc balls are brilliant for the sweet hit also. The one thing we have found to be a miss is the avocado choc mousse. Its just too much avocado apparently. I wasn't feeling it, so never tried it out.

In cravings/withdrawals news, I'm at the end of week 2 and am coping pretty well actually. I drove to 3 different cafes in Perth this morning and ended up going home with a ham and cheese croissant.... Was this good? Yes, - but good for me? I'm not so sure.

Linley x

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